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Green Patterned Poinsettia & Mistletoe PVC Tablecloth Fabric (Per Metre)


This is a heavy weight green patterned printed PVC fabric with a colourful poinsettia and mistletoe print, and is 140cm(55") wide.The poinsettia flowers measure approx.  240x200mm and the smaller springs of mistletoe measure 70x70mm. It is backed in a polyester fabric to prevent slipping. Please note: the PVC may crease whilst in the post. We have tested this and the creases do drop out when laid flat in a warm area for a few days.  Our customers have used this for: festive themed rooms, table and playing surfaces.

Composition: 100% PVC

Please note: Unless stated, all of our fabrics are assumed dry clean only and non-colourfast. Free samples available on request, UK only. Email:

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