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Mixed Bag of Remnants / Offcuts of Fabric 250g 500g 1kg


This listing is for a mixed bag of the remnants/offcuts of a large variety of fabrics. We have 3 sizes available: 250g, 500g and a 1kg bumper bag. All pieces vary in size but generally are smaller than 1/2 a metre. Every bag varies, we cannot guarantee certain fabrics will be included in the contents. The pieces of fabric can be anything from 17cm (between 6-7") to 1/2 a metre in width or length. Each piece is fault free and a usable piece of fabric. Our customers have used this for:  beginner projects, scrapbooks, collage, art projects and children's activities.

Please note: Unless stated, all of our fabrics are assumed dry clean only and non-colourfast. Free samples available on request, UK only. Email:

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